May 5th 2018 Art in the Park….. Lawrence, KS

Lawrence Artists Guild will hold the 2018 Annual “Art in the Park” artists fair at South Park, on Massachusetts Street, in Lawrence, KS on Saturday, May 5th 10AM to 5PM.

Visit us and all the Artists who are working very hard to bring you their latest creations. 

Food and beverage (yeah, even beer) will be available through vendors in the park.

Bring a friend, and be ready to visit, cajole, wander and enjoy with a great group in a great little town, just 40 minutes from the KC Metro Area. Make it a day trip.  

Paper and Flat-file items: Texture

Texture is added through layers of acrylic on paper, and experimenting with drying times. Other media are added in steps. These works range from 4″ x 6″ to 40″ x 70″. Contact me for latest works, imagery or consignment pieces. Copyright Mary Bunker 2011-2018WP_20170602_011WP_20170710_002.

Oil on Wood Panel

Oil on wood tile paintings by Mary Bunker 2015-2018.

….exploring a limited size and shape for painting Many wood panel substrates add a level of difficulty which is actually tied to the mathematical dimensions involved.

When the image we want, which is usually tied to the Golden Mean, is placed into a tighter domain, compositional challenge is involved and new exploring within the imagery is a result. Fun, and intimate, these pieces can deliver a lot of information in an unusual, yet philosophically dimensional space.  Contact me for information on availability of the featured paintings, new work or consignments.


Authorship vs. itself

Artist Journal Notes:

Found objects used in Art: Authorship is up for grabs when something is lifted out of context and put into another situation, where it allows the appearance of a history it does not own.

Codified Methodologies: Copied and traced images or photography which is intentionally subverted in order to challenge its own narrative is an example of Authorship up for grabs.

– all these ideas led me to look into Carl Jung’s writing:

“The difference between a sign and a symbol:  A sign is always less than the concept it represents, while a symbol always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning.  Symbols are natural and spontaneous products that hint at something not yet known.  Dreams are natural and spontaneous products of our minds, and they seem to hint at something not yet entirely known.”  (Carl Jung)

Are our minds products of themselves?  Aren’t they natural and spontaneous? Are we? How does the theory of evolution play into the idea of natural and spontaneous?

“The major obligation of the Naskapi (people beyond the horizon), is to follow the instructions given by his dreams, and then to give permanent form to their contents in art.  Dreams give the Naskapi complete ability to find his way in life, not only in the inner world, but also in the outer world of nature.  Generosity and love of one’s neighbors and of animals attract the Great Man(the Naskapi’s inner spirit) and give him life.”

How does accomplishment become a result of potential?  Doesn’t that become a discussion about belief?  Is the estimation of potential merely a guess?  Does it have to do with what we think of as ability?

What is left of our identity, if our abilities change, become lost, or are not present in us, in the first place?  Without that potential, who are we, then?

Where can art live, in the midst of this question?

Again, Jung said, “…[B]elief endows their life with a perspective (and a goal) that goes far beyond their limited experience.  It gives them ample space for the unfolding of personality, and permits them a full life as complete persons.”  P. 76 Approaching the Unconscious, Carl Jung

major obligation

Photo by MaryBraun c.2013
Photo by MaryBraun c.2013

An early fall downpour seeks the testimony of leaves

courses of flow race through gutters, expanding to crash into itself.

slippery window glass obscures a chance to breathe the interruption

of shivering branch encased in mist, warm gray motions

the prayers offered, finally, of newly released foliage

in tender, bright emergence

in sunlight hard on other moments

and shadow branches and bright now, piercing through the canopy

Which is my whole life racing to tell me.

Atmosphere and Scale

When I am outside on a foggy morning, It seems I can easily lose track of scale. Though I know how large trees are, for example, visually the form flattens and is partially obscured. Tones hover within a middle range, tending toward subtlety and extending the experience of detail.